Maharana : The Story of the Rulers of Udaipur

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Walk across Rajasthan and you’d know instantly that there are and have been many maharajas in Rajasthan. But Maharana? Well, there can only be one. And that is the Maharana of Udaipur. Brian Masters has crafted out a fascinating narrative of the 1500-year old traditions of Udaipur and valour of the dynasty’s Maharana.

The book Includes accounts of the legendary Kumbha, Sanga, Rana Pratap and their illustrious descendants. It also explores the relevance of the dynasty in present-day India. Believe it or not! This dynasty is the oldest serving dynasty. It spans 76 generations and some 1500 years. And still leads the modern era by example.

With photographs and illustrations from family archives and collections, this history of the erstwhile princely state of Udaipur evokes the glory and grandeur of the Rajput courts.  It ends with a description of the palace, a splendid example of Rajput architecture which combines building with poetry.

Eternal Mewar is proud to have been able to inspire and support the writing of such great work. As much as it is a story of the dynasty, it does mean a lot to the body to have it documented and preserved for centuries to come. Full of many interesting episodes that enliven this historical account, the book is out in hardcover for you to read. Grab your copy now by simply leaving us a comment here with your email id!

About the author

Brian Masters (born 1939) is a British writer. Masters read French Literature and Philosophy at University of Wales, Cardiff. Briefly a teacher in France (as part of his degree), he worked for a time as a travel guide, 'organising educational tours for American students’ and then wrote books on French writers.Masters is though best known for his books about serial killers, written with the co-operation of the subjects or their families

A silent movie that has made so much noise. Over centuries and across continents.

26. September 2013 14:35 by Team Eternal Mewar in Eternal Mewar

A timeless love saga that climaxes as a reunion of true love and ropes in the passion of gambling and the strings attached. ‘A Throw of Dice’ is a silent film that dates back to 1929 and is based on the pivotal gambling episode of the famous Indian epic, ‘The Mahabharata’.

It’s notable that Udaipur has been a preferred location ever since the early 20’s. It cast its spell over Franz Osten in 1929, the maker of ‘A Throw of Dice’, as well. This was the time of Maharana Fateh Singh ji’s reign who realised the worth of taking Udaipur on a global platform even back then. The beautiful romantic city still continues to enchant people, the world over. A recent modern day Bollywood blockbuster, ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ rings a bell, doesn’t it? Now that’s what we call a ‘Living heritage’ in its true glory! Today, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar is taking this initiative of promoting Udaipur to the world in full force.

‘A Throw of Dice’ is a visual treat and has been in the British Film Institute (BFI)’s archives since 1945. A New York Times review stated, "There’s hardly a frame in the 1929 film ‘A Throw of Dice’ that doesn’t provide a surge of visual pleasure”, while a Guardian reviewer, Peter Bradshaw, called it, "a rare and fascinating gem". The Observer reviewer, Philip French, termed it, "a remarkable silent movie". Digitally restored in 2006, the movie was re-released at the Luminato Festival, Toronto, Canada, in 2008.

The movie had starred Seeta Devi and Himanshu Rai, two gems of the silent Bollywood era. Their grandson, Peter Dietze, Managing Director, Turner Dietze Creative and daughter Christina Dietze from Australia called on Shriji recently. The meeting took place at Shriji’s royal abode, Shambhu Niwas Palace. Peter stated that he is in possession of a lot of material from Devika Rani and truly treasures the collection. He wishes to put up a travelling exhibition of the archival material. Shriji and the entire Eternal Mewar family blesses him to have gestured to not just keep his grandmother’s memories alive but also to immortalize so many legends together, including Udaipur. We wish Peter all the luck in taking this forward.

Salute to the ability beyond disability

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City Palace, Mewar’s icon of sustainability, will stand tall and proud on 28th September and flag off the longest drive by a paraplegic woman across the country. The City Palace couldn’t have been more proud of the women of today for fighting against all challenges that life could throw at them. And more so, Deepa Malik for taking the bold step forward keeping all limiting circumstances at bay and helping others emerge as well.

Deepa is a daughter to an army officer and has the grit of one too. She is one of the most severely disabled and aged sports persons, who started her journey in sports at the age of 36. She has been a nominee at the London Olympics 2012 with a number of medals under her belt. She has braved the chest-below paralysis and 183 stitches on her spine. She has no bladder control and no sensation in her body below chest level. She is wheel-chair bound and needs an attendant 24 x 7 to assist, shift and wheel her. But her passion is limitless. Her passion to drive took her to the Desert and the Himalayan Rallies in a modified car and on a motor-bike. And here she is, all set for the longest drive across the country. Not just this, she has sacrificed her trainings several times to help her teams and has been one inspiring woman all along!

This is not the first time that Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur has supported her initiatives. The first was early this year for her drive through the Thar and Rann of Kutch. Now its time for a drive from Chennai to New Delhi (approx. 3000 km). This will also be a drive to spread awareness amongst students and NGOs working for the physically challenged. Now that’s what we call the real drive.  Good going, Deepa Malik!

For a closer look at Deepa’s life, please click here.

Panghat – The Spa @ Gorbandh Palace

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A fabled golden fort named after a decorative Rajasthani adornment, Gorbandh Palace offers authentic desert luxury. From the picturesque view of moonlit dunes to sprawling greens for those endless romantic walks, to all modern-day amenities presented in perfect Rajasthani style, Gorbandh has it all to make your experience unforgettable. And then, the exquisite Spa and Salon, Panghat.

God is in the detail and is evident everywhere in the palace as well at Panghat. The therapists here are trained to give you the world’s best therapies and skin treatments ranging from Ayurvedic to Royal, customised with products that best suit your skin. Run in association with TATTVA SPA, a successful chain of spas, Panghat is a sure treat to all five senses. It is equipped with the following facilities:

  •     4 Therapy rooms
  •     1 Room dedicated for facial treatments for women
  •     2 Wet areas for Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Chill Showers - 1 each for women and men

So, here’s inviting you to indulge in the bounties of Rajasthan and rediscover the real you – beautiful and divine, at Panghat.

Please check with the Reception / Hospitality Desk for bookings and reservations.

Mayor of Strasbourg and Senator of Bas-Rhin in awe of City Palace, Udaipur

16. September 2013 14:18 by Team Eternal Mewar in Museums & Galleries

On the 11th of September, two really special guests were welcomed at the Zenana Mahal of City Palace, Udaipur. Mr. Ronald Ries, Mayor of the city of Strasbourg and Minja Yang, Senator of Bas-Rhin, were as pleased to take an elaborate tour of the City Palace Museum as the living palace was to have them amidst. Moved by the stories of bravery, the dedicated custodians and their laudable rule and the gifted heritage, they sat to pen down what they felt. Here’s what they left on the comments book, that made our day!

Mr. Ronald Ries commented, “Magnificent visit of the City Palace Museum and very interesting history and culture of Udaipur.”

Wonderful to see the continuous improvement of the City Palace Museum. Congratulations for your excellent work,” wrote down Ms. Minja Yang

The Royal Udaipur Rolls-Royce GLK 21 Classic Drive from Derby to Udaipur to Pebble Beach and... Continues

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