Braving turbulent waters

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When the going gets tough, that’s when we need to get tougher. And doing it innovatively is just like a pinch of salt!

The drastically evolving urban landscape is forcing people to flow with it. Those who happily take the plunge find their shores. Or just barely stay afloat all their lives and basically get nowhere. Those who don’t, suffer the most. Why, in the first place, do we want to change banks when we already have our ship anchored so perfectly? Maybe all that is required is to take what we have and plug it into the new urban ways of life. And make a completely unique identity for ourselves. And yet stay proud of our roots! 

To get answers to questions alike and to find an innovative way towards that perfect urban-historic ecosystem is need of the hour. The Indian Heritage Citites Network (IHCN) has taken an initiative to strengthen Indian historic cities and towns to cope with these changes that threaten to destroy India’s diverse living heritage. As part of this inititiave, IHCN is hosting a student competition in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi in conjunction with the 4th Biennial Conference. This competition aims to challenge students to design a Living Heritage Urban Revitalisation Plan. Revolving around the theme ‘How can living heritage contribute to people?’ the competition will make students think beyond traditional heritage conservation and study the physical features and the socio-economic problems faced by these cities and come up with smart and feasible solutions.

The jury comprising of national and international experts will select a winner and two runner-ups being awarded cash prizes of INR 50k, 30k and 20k respectively. MMCF is glad to support this initiative as part of its own endeavour to protect and preserve its own heritage and spread the message to the world.
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Living Heritage of Mewar goes to Harvard

28. August 2013 15:02 by Team Eternal Mewar in Eternal Mewar

Talking of globalisation, The House of Mewar is now reaping benefits from the seeds it sowed not long ago. Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar’s clear vision and immaculate efforts of taking the Living Heritage to the world has now magnetised the two.  

Harvard Business School, USA recently invited Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran, Associate professor and ex. head, Business Administration at University College of Commerce & Management, Udaipur. She was invited to participate in the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning where she presented a case study on the Living Heritage of Mewar. The case study highlighted timeless leadership in all its glory at Harvard and was received with much appreciation. The research paper prepared by Dr. Narendran was supported by Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation. 

About Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran

Dr. (Mrs.) Rajeshwari Narendran, PhD in Management, MBA,  M.Com - Business Administration (Gold Medalist), FDP (IIM-Ahmedabad);Associate Professor & Ex. Head, Business Administration, University College of Commerce & Management Studies, Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. She is a popular trainer, HRD Consultant to many private and government institutes and a thorough researcher and social worker. She has been a supervisor for award of 17 PhDs so far and another 5 are in progress. Dr Rajeshwari Narendran is currently National Vice President-ISTD, has been actively contributing for the growth of ISTD since 1995 in various capacities. Click here to know her better.

The ‘Sacred’ unveiled in Strasbourg

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The recent capture of the ‘Living Heritage’ Duo – Strasbourg and Udaipur commenced with a momentum in Strasbourg on 22nd May 2013. The photographic works of the two photographers, Albert Huber from Strasbourg and Anuradha Sarup from Udaipur were put together under the title ‘Seeking the Sacred’ and is attracting more eyeballs each day.

Albert Huber, a veteran photographer, has dedicated 50 years to capturing humanity across European countries, North Africa, USA and the Pacific islands. At the inaugural of this month-long exhibition, he said, “These 40 photographs on display are examples of how we are united by our sacred geography. My photographic eye, my mind and soul were captured by the sights and sounds of Udaipur and Rajasthan.” The inaugural ceremony was attended by Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg and received with much appreciation.

Anuradha Sarup, who has been photographing Udaipur since 2001-02 as a resource person with Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation observed, "Both Strasbourg and Udaipur are so distinct in their character - one being an ancient European settlement while Udaipur is a 450-year old city built by the Maharanas of Mewar - yet the spirit of the past is very alive in both these heritage cities. It was a challenge for me to capture the 'sacred' through the historical, cultural and religious identities of its people. Like Udaipur, Strasbourg has a ‘living heritage’. The city and its people have adapted beautifully to changing times. Quite appropriately the two are ‘Twin Cities’. I was delighted to experience the warmth of Udaipur’s Atithi Devo Bhava in the hospitality and affection of the people of Strasbourg.”

An eye on the horizon

Udaipur and Strasbourg are now 'Twin Cities' committed to foster heritage-based sustainable development through community participation, conservation of cultural and natural resources and revenue generating activities for the locals.

 Dr. Mayank Gupta, Deputy Secretary of Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation which has been the moving force behind the Joint Cooperation Agreement said, "At MMCF we are confident that the photo-exhibition will open new avenues of understanding between the people of our two cities. It will provide access to various artists of different faiths while inspiring art, stimulating international research and digital knowledge exchange. We will make all attempts, when the photo-exhibition moves to India, to take it to the people. We strongly believe in the concept of 'living heritage', and ‘Seeking the Sacred - Photographic Exhibition (Viewpoints - Strasbourg – Udaipur)’ demonstrates the unifying strength of living heritage in Udaipur and across the world."

Symphony of Mewar spreading music far & wide

Monday, May 20th 2013 saw the opening of the royal gallery of musical instruments – Symphony of Mewar at The Zenana Mahal, The City Palace, Udaipur. This gallery is a tribute by Shriji to the Living Heritage of Mewar and a haven for music connoisseurs. It was inaugurated by Ms. Rolee Agrawal, IRS, Commissoner of Income Tax, Ahmedabad on the 20th.

On the day of inauguration, a guided tour of the gallery was followed by performances. Then were acknowledged and welcomed, the students and artists of Maharana Mewar Public School (MMPS), Udaipur. A delightful performance by the school orchestra created the perfect ambience and a platform to introduce Dr. Poonam Joshi and her accompanying artist, Ustad Naseer Husaain Khan on the tabla. The musical evening was a perfect curtain-raising ceremony for Symphony Of Mewar which promises to keep the heritage of Mewar alive and take its passion of music to the world.

A soft launch on May 18th witnessed 85 renowned tour guides expressing keen interest to get a preview of the gallery. They were highly impressed with the quality of work and displays and are eager to present it to the world. Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Executive Director, Historic Resort Hotels Pvt. Ltd. during his interaction with the guides, apprised them that MMCF has opened two new galleries of international level within a short span of 90 days.

Shriji commented, “Symphony of Mewar is a collection of one single family with most of the instruments being used by a family in the earlier times. The collection is unique and some items on display have never been seen by lot of people”

The gallery now welcomes you to step back in time for a while and experience the breathtaking royal musical instruments for yourself.

About Dr. Poonam Joshi:

Dr. Poonam Joshi (Kathak Dancer and Sitarist), hails from Nainital, Uttar Pradesh. She is a gold Medalist in Sitar from Rajasthan University, Jaipur and Doctor of Music in Sitar from Banaras Hindu University, Banaras. Presently she is Head of the Department of Music (Instrumental), Government Meera Girls PG College, Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan. She is 'A' Grade Classical (Sitar) Artist from All India Radio, Jaipur since January 2000. She has received several accolades over the years and  has performed at various festivals and national level programmes.

'The Music of the Maharanas' article on Udaipur Plus

A tale of two cities united in spirit

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Udaipur (Rajasthan) and Strasbourg (France) are true legendary examples of a ‘Living Heritage’. The two cities may exhibit diverse cultures and people but the link between each city’s yesterday and today cannot be ignored – a striking similarity shared by cities that are seven seas apart!

Carrying the Torch of Heritage

In the desire to keep the heritage alive, a Joint  Co-operation  Programme  (JCP)  was signed  between  Indian  Heritage  Cities  Network Foundation,  UNESCO  India  Office,  New Delhi; Udaipur  Municipal  Council;  The  City  of   Strasbourg  (Municipalite  de  Strasbourg),  France  and  Maharana  of Mewar  Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur. The JCP, signed for  three  years (2011-2013)  aims to enlighten Udaipur and preserve the city’s heritage while developing international  collaboration  and partnerships  for   heritage-based  projects  in  Udaipur.
The Sacred Quest

As part of the programme, the City of Strasbourg and the Festiv Musiq Sacrees Monde: Strasbourg are organizing a photograph exhibition titled ‘A sacred quest to Strasbourg and Udaipur’. This exhibition will be part of the festival ‘ Sacrées Journées of Strasbourg’ that will take place in Strasbourg, France in May 2013. The exhibition will also be held at The City Palace, Udaipur later.
For this exhibition, acclaimed photographer from Strasbourg, Albert Huber was welcomed in Udaipur and Anuradha Sarup, a respected photographer from MMCF was in Strasbourg. The  purpose was to capture the art, culture and heritage of the two cities with a beaming fresh perspective and connecting them with a bond of harmonious similarity.
Legends on the Lens, Memories in the Heart

Both the photographers were back in their respective countries with a wide collection of photographs and memories of the partner cities forever buried in their hearts now. Here’s what they have to say:

Udaipur as Albert Huber describes:

“A happy photographer. In historical Udaipur, I am the happy photographer. I photograph the narrow streets and living and the baroque palaces, plants in wonderful places. I photograph the extraordinary royal palace, example of this mélange of art, fancy and historical memories. I photograph the women in Shitlamata temple, the Protestants celebrating Good Friday in the North India Church and Muslims at prayer in The Paltan mosque. I will come again to Udaipur.”

Strasbourg in the words of Anuradha Sarup:

“It was an honour to have this opportunity to meet the community leaders in Strasbourg and understand their historical, cultural and religious identities.
Most striking was the similarity between Strasbourg and Udaipur. Not in their outward appearance perhaps but in the harmony that exists between their past and present.
Like Udaipur, Strasbourg has a ‘Living Heritage’. The city and its people have a strong association with their historical, cultural and religious identities yet embrace the contemporary with vigour. They have adapted so well to changing times,” said Ms Sarup, who braved the rain and cold to photograph Strasbourg’s sacred heritage.
“Truly ‘Twin cities’ the warmth of Udaipur’s Atiti Devo Bhava was experienced in the warm welcome and hospitality of the people of Strasbourg,” she commented during her stay there. She had the opportunity to interact with the Mayor’s office and several officials, civil servants and coordinators who were as charming as they were gracious.
“From the grand Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, the serene Grande Mosquée  and  the impressive Synagogue de la Paix to the simpler churches and the daily life of its people, Strasbourg is a delight to photograph,” said Ms Sarup who vows to go to Strasbourg when it is sunny and bright so that she can capture its brilliant skies and distinctive skyline.

For Your Eyes Only

The photographic collection consists of 40 exclusive pictures of both cities selectively chosen by the two photographers. MMCF is confident that the exhibition will open new avenues of understanding between people and provide access to various artists of different faiths. It will inspire art, stimulate international research and digital knowledge exchange. The exhibition will be of benefit for professionals and academicians. It aims to encourage international community participation and to work on the sustainable development of ‘Living Heritage’ based on the strength of its traditions.

Here’s your chance to view this exclusive photographic tale of the two cities. Register right away by simply writing to us on or leave us your email id in the comment box below.


The Royal Udaipur Rolls-Royce GLK 21 Classic Drive from Derby to Udaipur to Pebble Beach and... Continues

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