Swaranjali 2013: when pure music befalls, it mesmerises its listeners and the singers along!

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Guru Poornima celebrated with the purest form of music in the perfect ambience of Shri Eklingnathji Temple by Eternal Mewar, is growing on people by the year. Those who understand Indian classical music simply close their eyes and drift away. Those who do not, are surprised at themselves responding to the melodies in such harmony. Above all, the vocalists and musicians themselves fall short of words to describe what they felt when they performed at Swaranjali 2013. They cannot thank Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar more for making this possible every year and bringing together the connoisseurs of music on a single platform while creating new ones. A platform that remains to be unique to Mewar and in the world.

Click on the thumbnail below to hear it from them and the prominent faces of the industry, what they found at Swaranjali 2013!

Ms. Vaishali Bakhore, Classical Vocalist, Indore


Shri Ram Kirishna Bose; Sitar, Santoor and Table Player, Udaipur


Mr. Ravindra Mishra - A Free Lancer Classical Critic


Ms. Soma Singh, Classical Vocalist, Delhi


Shri Sudhir Yardi, Harmonium Player, Surat


Shri K.C. Malu, Managing Director, Veena Cassettes


Shri Kaivalya Kumar, Classical Vocalist, Dharwad

Music shall wet the air again as Mewar pays homage this Guru Poornima

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Swaranjali 2013 is round the corner. Hindu mythology earmarks ‘Ashad Shukla’, the day of the full moon in the rainy season, as the auspicious day dedicated to The Teacher or Guru. 22nd July 2013 will see Mewar paying a musical tribute to Parmeshwaraji, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, at Shri Eklingji Temple. The temple is located in Kailashpuri, 21 K.M. s away from Udaipur.

What better way than an all-day long musical tribute to celebrate the custodianship of Mewar and the fellowship of Parmeshwaraji. The ceremony will commence with some of the world renowned classical music and vocal artists. The highlights of this ceremony will include:

Dr. Ashish S. Shastri, Ph.D in Music on the Sitar
Son of Shri Sharadbhai Shastri. popular Sitarist from Gujarat, India, Dr. Ashish picked up the sitar from the age of 10. Trained under Pt. Ravi Shankar and constantly risen in the field of music since then, he now has the ‘Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar’ (2007-08), a gold medal in ‘Sangit Alankar’ (M.A in music) and Ph.D examination, severalmemorable performances across the country and innumerable acknowledgements with the one from All India Radio & Television being primary.

Dr. Soma Joshi, Indian Vocalist
A gifted vocalist with a deep sense of aesthetical expression, Dr. Soma is an idol of grace and perfection. Spreading magic of her voice, Soma was initiated to music by Shri Dhiren Sen at Jamshedpur and later trained by Smt. Uma Guha. Later, she became a disciple of renowned Pandit Candrakant Apte, an exponent of Gwalior Gharana.

Today Soma cannot even count the achievements and acknowledgements earned enroute. M.A., M.Phil. and then a Ph.D. from the University of Delhi were earned while she also won a national scholarship from the Indian Government. A regualr artist with All India Radio, her CDs, titled ‘Aarti’, ‘Praatah Sumiran’ and ‘Gayatri Sahastranam’, produced by ‘Isha Music’ company, have been released by ‘Music Today’ company.

Sudhir S. Yardi on the Harmonium
Post-graduated as an engineer and now a teacher at an engineering college, Sudhir has always been equally connected with the world of music. Having chosen the Harmonium as his medium to connect with God from the tender age of 8, he has trained and excelled at it ever since. His musical journey has witnessed innumerable awards and several prestigious musical programmes across the country during which he has also accompanied the who’s who of the world of music. To name a few, Pt.Jasrajji, Sau.Kalpana Zokarkar, Ustad Rashid Khan. Today, Sudhir Yardi is one of the very few artists performing Harmonium Solo.

Ms. Vaishali Bakore
She started training under the tutelage of Shri Madhavrao Joshi and Smt Minakshi Gogte, Later became a disciple of Smt Kalpana Zokarkar of Indore

Shri Kaivaly Kumar Gurav
Pt. Kaivalya Kumar Gurav is the illustrious inheritor of a unique legacy of classical music. It was granted by the legendary Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Saheb to Pandit Ji's Grandfather, Pt. Ganpatrao Gurav and then handed down to his father Pt Sangmeshwar Gurav.

Pt. Kaivalya Kumar Gurav has nurtured it with his extraordinary musical powers and enhanced it with his deep study of the Omkar and the distinct style of music that he has developed. He has been the youngest artist ever to be designated as All India Radio's Top grade artist at the age of 35

Shri Patti Khan
AIR A grade Local artist. Initially trained by father Mohd. Khan Sidva and later became disciple of Ustad Munir Khan

BlackBook, June 2013 edition spotlights two of our galleries!

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Luxury trade magazine, Blackbook, has covered the opening of our music gallery – ‘Symphony of Mewar’ as well as the photo exhibition ‘Long Exposure’ in its June edition. It is indeed a pleasure to become a placeholder in this luxury bible. At the same time, we’re delighted to have found a sought after platform to enlighten readers of greater capacities with the arts of a golden era.   

Remarking upon the idea behind the music gallery, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur said, “The foundation of this Music Gallery at City Palace is connected towards preserving Mewar’s living heritage.” The royal family of Mewar has always appreciated and patronised classical music. It was in Mewar that a new genre of temple music known as ‘haveli sangeet’ found its way into the court, setting foundations for Dhrupad and Dhamaar Gayaki. Elaborating on the photography exhibit, he adds, “This photographic exhibition is a veritable sea of stories and every frame tells a different one. While the stories and anecdotes are part of the family history, they are at the same time biographies of historical figures that were instrumental in bringing about paradigm shifts in the history of our country.”

About BlackBook

This monthly luxury trade magazine documents and archives the evolution of the Indian luxury industry and tracks the country's attempt at becoming a serious playground for the biggest international brands. With in-depth stories that dissect consumer behavior pattern, market white papers, interviews with the leading purveyors of Indian and international luxury, and features that track every new trend in the industry, the product brings the biggest luxury stories and news from India and around the world to the desks of people who matter within the industry. Readership: Decision-makers, global travellers and consumers of luxury. It is published by Mediascope Publicitions from Mumbai.

It’s only when it gives you goose bumps, you know music can touch your soul too!

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Just what the first rain does to you after the prickling summer. With a wet breeze on a full moon night. As if the ambience were not enough to melt you, the classical music also hits you from afar and mesmerizes you. And you wonder, can this be real till you pinch yourself hard to believe.

You got it right! That time of the year is approaching and beckons you once again to succumb to the indulgent music by renowned vocalists and instrumentalists at the Ekling ji Temple, Kailaspuri. Started in the year 2003 by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, Shree Eklingji Trust and Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Kala Trust jointly celebrate the Guru Poornima – a tribute to the teacher with the mystic ‘SWARANJALI’, which literally means a musical tribute.

Ekling ji temple is located 21 kms from Udaipur at Kailaspuri and is home to Parmeshwarji Maharaj,  in whose honour is Swaranjali celebrated each year. This year, it is being celebrated on 22nd July. The musical ceremony will be carried out in two sittings: 10.30 am to 1.35 pm and 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

Symphony of Mewar spreading music far & wide

Monday, May 20th 2013 saw the opening of the royal gallery of musical instruments – Symphony of Mewar at The Zenana Mahal, The City Palace, Udaipur. This gallery is a tribute by Shriji to the Living Heritage of Mewar and a haven for music connoisseurs. It was inaugurated by Ms. Rolee Agrawal, IRS, Commissoner of Income Tax, Ahmedabad on the 20th.

On the day of inauguration, a guided tour of the gallery was followed by performances. Then were acknowledged and welcomed, the students and artists of Maharana Mewar Public School (MMPS), Udaipur. A delightful performance by the school orchestra created the perfect ambience and a platform to introduce Dr. Poonam Joshi and her accompanying artist, Ustad Naseer Husaain Khan on the tabla. The musical evening was a perfect curtain-raising ceremony for Symphony Of Mewar which promises to keep the heritage of Mewar alive and take its passion of music to the world.

A soft launch on May 18th witnessed 85 renowned tour guides expressing keen interest to get a preview of the gallery. They were highly impressed with the quality of work and displays and are eager to present it to the world. Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Executive Director, Historic Resort Hotels Pvt. Ltd. during his interaction with the guides, apprised them that MMCF has opened two new galleries of international level within a short span of 90 days.

Shriji commented, “Symphony of Mewar is a collection of one single family with most of the instruments being used by a family in the earlier times. The collection is unique and some items on display have never been seen by lot of people”

The gallery now welcomes you to step back in time for a while and experience the breathtaking royal musical instruments for yourself.

About Dr. Poonam Joshi:

Dr. Poonam Joshi (Kathak Dancer and Sitarist), hails from Nainital, Uttar Pradesh. She is a gold Medalist in Sitar from Rajasthan University, Jaipur and Doctor of Music in Sitar from Banaras Hindu University, Banaras. Presently she is Head of the Department of Music (Instrumental), Government Meera Girls PG College, Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan. She is 'A' Grade Classical (Sitar) Artist from All India Radio, Jaipur since January 2000. She has received several accolades over the years and  has performed at various festivals and national level programmes.

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