Braving turbulent waters

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When the going gets tough, that’s when we need to get tougher. And doing it innovatively is just like a pinch of salt!

The drastically evolving urban landscape is forcing people to flow with it. Those who happily take the plunge find their shores. Or just barely stay afloat all their lives and basically get nowhere. Those who don’t, suffer the most. Why, in the first place, do we want to change banks when we already have our ship anchored so perfectly? Maybe all that is required is to take what we have and plug it into the new urban ways of life. And make a completely unique identity for ourselves. And yet stay proud of our roots! 

To get answers to questions alike and to find an innovative way towards that perfect urban-historic ecosystem is need of the hour. The Indian Heritage Citites Network (IHCN) has taken an initiative to strengthen Indian historic cities and towns to cope with these changes that threaten to destroy India’s diverse living heritage. As part of this inititiave, IHCN is hosting a student competition in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi in conjunction with the 4th Biennial Conference. This competition aims to challenge students to design a Living Heritage Urban Revitalisation Plan. Revolving around the theme ‘How can living heritage contribute to people?’ the competition will make students think beyond traditional heritage conservation and study the physical features and the socio-economic problems faced by these cities and come up with smart and feasible solutions.

The jury comprising of national and international experts will select a winner and two runner-ups being awarded cash prizes of INR 50k, 30k and 20k respectively. MMCF is glad to support this initiative as part of its own endeavour to protect and preserve its own heritage and spread the message to the world.
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Fun and learning goes hand in hand at MMPS

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Learning never stops at MMPS. Be it through interactive intellectual games and quizzes. Or through music and dance. The culture here still finds its roots in the culture of Mewar which is full of celebration, colour and music. Last week saw all children at the school in high spirit, dancing and performing, learning and enjoying all the way. After a brain-racking quiz, the school organised an Inter-house Solo and Group Dance Competition on 24th August for the junior and senior kids. The competition posed to be a great platform for the children to come together as team-players and get a hands on experience of the culture of India and Mewar in particular.

To capture a journey is a journey in itself!

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My laptop is placed strategically on the table overlooking the magnificent Lake Pichola. My camera full of treasures from Mewar is plugged into the laptop. A pile of archival paperbacks has made its place on the edge of my table. The coffee maker is brewing fresh coffee and I let the aroma of the beans surround me. I let open the window and let the fresh breeze in and type the first few words of what is soon going to be an intimate, yet openly classic, oral history at the center of which stands the living legend of contemporary Mewar – Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar.

As I gather my thoughts, I can easily tell that after voraciously reading about him, seeing him through people’s eyes, taking an exhaustive tour on the history and culture of Mewar and Shri Ekling Nath ji temple, this is still just a beginning. Only when I began to see Mewar through his eyes while practically living with him for days to see him work like an entrepreneur and retire for the day like a king; cherish the past with extreme fondness while keeping a speculative eye on the future; did I realise that the more I know him the more I wanted to know of him. I also wanted to know from him and those around him the stories and ideas that have given and continue to give life to the first among equals of India’s great royal families and houses.

2nd July, 2013 – The beginning
Though this is certainly not my first visit to Udaipur (that was in 1985), it is the second one that has begun to pull back the curtains of Mewar’s living heritage in ways I scarcely imagined when I first began. Two years in July of 20111 I had the honour of being the first person to have the privilege of creating an exhaustive photographic tour of Shri Ekling Nath ji temple. A detailed report and a collection of thousands of beautiful photographs came out of that tour and are in the process of finding their way to the “Eternal Mewar” website and into several scholarly publications. This trip beginning on June 26 from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, actually had its birth in a conversation I had with Shriji in March as I accompanied a group of 18 adult students of archaeology who have happily travelled from America to dig deep into the history of Mewar. While on that trip Shrij invited me to spend 30 minutes with him to consider a very special project he has been considering for some time: a project that will be one of the closest to my heart; a project that I will be proud to be remembered for - the book of the past and for the future; yes, the beginnings of a study of Shirji and Mewar as he sees it and as many who have shaped Mewar’s past and are shaping its future. Stay with me as I go along, uncovering the rich past and discovering the new horizons with a man whose ancestors 1400 years ago became the first of the custodians of Shri Eklingji(Siva)and whose commission continues into the 21st century.

About the author
Dr. James Daniel White, Jr. Ph. D. is a Professor of South Asian Studies and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Religious Studies at The University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA. With an impressive academic background along with an envious professional experience and a prodigious set of publications and more than 60 scholarly researches under his wing, he needs little introduction. To know him better please click here.

The Udaipur-Strasbourg Duo on a roll to immortalize Udaipur’s endowment

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A painstaking research was conducted by students from France and Udaipur on the heritage and infrastructure of Udaipur. Conducted over 12 days in February and collated into an insightful presentation at the Durbar Hall, the research enlightened the audience on the historical significance of the city proposing avenues for increased tourism and employment. The topnotch officials were all ears to how the students perceive the city and are beaming with suggestions to safeguard its heritage. Proposals were put forward to introduce a ‘Heritage Walk’ on the paths heading towards Jagdish Temple and City Palace, for one.

Strasbourg is known for its well planned and superbly managed city. Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation and the City of Strasbourg in their endeavor to exchange knowledge and thoughts in order to preserve their heritage have come together as partners under the Joint Co-opeartion Programme. This agreement  between  Udaipur  Municipal Corporation,  City  of   Strasbourg,  IHCNF  and  MMCF is  supported  by the  Urban  Development  Department,  Government  of Rajasthan and  UNESCO.

Expert group
Sh. H.S.Sancheti (Advisor, Urban Development & Housing Department, Government of Rajasthan)
Sh. R.P. Shar ma (Secretary, UIT)
Sh. S. K. Shrimali (Senior Town Planner, Udaipur Zone, Udaipur)
Sh. Manish Arora (Assistant Engineer, R esponsible for the Udaipur Heritage Cell)
Sh. Manas Sharma(Conservation Architect)
Sh. Jaideep (Professor, Buddha Architecture College, Udaipur)
Sh. Javed (Professor, Buddha Architecture College, Udaipur)
International delegates
Ms. Minja Y ang (Director, International Cooperation, IHCN-F; President RLICC/KU Leuven)
Mr. Alice Delzant (Project Officer , International Relations Department, Strasbourg)
Mr. Francois Nowakowski (Professor, School of Architecture, Strasbourg)
Ms. Anne J aureguiberry (Professor, School of Architecture, Strasbourg)
Ms. Geraldine Mastelli (Urban planner, Strasbourg)

Heritage venues add a refreshing flavour to corporate events

Today, there is a huge influx of corporates looking for innovative venues for their events for the simple reason of encouraging maximum turnout. Their competition is also constantly watching them for which they want to stay atop the innovation chart.

Rajasthan is the most diverse in terms of cultural heritage and sought after in hospitality, which makes it a magnetic destination choice for events and tourism. HRH Group of Hotels is the largest iconic ‘Living Heritage’ destination of Rajasthan, rich in art and culture that offers a unique visitor experience. This has made HRH the best choice for any corporate event for decades with many more to come.

Another feather in the cap!

A recent event organized by National Highway Authority of India at The Sabhagaar Conference Hall, The Durbar Hall, a part of our magnificent Fateh Prakash Palace Convention Centre was a huge success. Held between 20th and 21st May, the 2nd Meeting of Expert Group to Negotiate Saarc Motor Vehicles Agreement Conference, concluded with much applause for the venue.

Mr. Joudat Ayaz, Joint Secretary, Minister of Communication, Govt. of Pakistan, commented, "It has been a sheer treat to come to Udaipur in Rajasthan to attend the 2nd Meeting of SAARC expert group on motor vehicle and transportation. It is my first visit to India and my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed staying in this historic fort. We are going back with fond memories and hope to be here again someday."

Mr. Sayed Jaweb Habibi, Kabul, Afghanistan, said, "I have many things to say but there’s lack of time. A lovely state, nice hall and lovely hotel lakes. I have travelled to many countries but never seen such people. In the end, I just want to say, you were successful in all your duties."

Mr. Alkesh Sharma, New Delhi, India also keenly left his feedback saying, “It was indeed a pleasure to be at Fateh Prakash Palace, a heritage property that’s excellent in India. Not only was the hospitality seen at its Pinnacle here but also Rajasthan as a whole. The arrangements for the SAARC export group meeting were done with great detailing and precision. I would like to appreciate the managerial supervisor and Shri V.S.Bhati General Manager along with Ms.Mandvi Gupta in making this conference a great success excellent performance in Hospitality. Keep it up.”

Be the king. Make your event larger than life.

With its majestic historic buildings in the background; the magnificent gardens to walk through; the host of museums and galleries with never-seen-before displays of art and culture and the amicable staff always striving to make your visit memorable, HRH Group of Hotels offers you a chance to host an event you will always be envied for. And of course cherished by your counter-parts at the same time!

To book a venue for your upcoming event call us now on 1800 180 2933, 1800 180 2944, +91 294 2528008 or simply write to us on

The Royal Udaipur Rolls-Royce GLK 21 Classic Drive from Derby to Udaipur to Pebble Beach and... Continues

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