Going the extra mile towards superior safety of our guests

6. August 2013 16:50 by Team Eternal Mewar in HRH Group of Hotels

HRH Group of Hotels has always served its guests with the central idea of giving undiluted luxury, responsibly. Our properties have maintained a fine balance between authentic heritage experiences for our guests, a healthy environment and a proud and prosperous local community. It is an extension of the vision and philosophy of the House of Mewar and Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar whose values are rooted with the culture yet inclusive and contemporary.

The spirit of responsible tourism guided HRH to sign up with the internationally acclaimed Check Safety First and become one of the first few hotels in Rajasthan to have done so. Deploying Check Safety’s established risk management system and food module, HRH is now set to offer the highest standards of food hygiene to guests.

Baojiraj Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Executive Director of the HRH Group of Hotels in Rajasthan, said, “We wanted to work with Check Safety First as the company is recognised for helping hotels globally reach consistent hygiene standards. We will work hard to improve our awareness and monitoring of risk areas across the group.”

Giving wings to the entrepreneur in today’s woman

Picked by Dell as one of the top Global Women Entrepreneur, Padmaja Kumari Parmar, Executive Director – Business Development at HRH Group of Hotels, was recently seen in Istanbul. She was there to participate in the Fourth Annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) Event, co-sponsored by Intel. The event was held to spotlight the positive impact that women-owned businesses are having on the global economy.

Padmaja was invited to be on the panel to participate in ‘Lessons From Legacy Business’. Europe, like many markets, has a rich history of family enterprises which have provided women with an opportunity to lead companies in the SMB space. Although there is an extra dimension of family dynamics, legacy businesses have similar needs to other types of businesses including succession planning, core values, maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and governance/structure. In addition, family businesses are often seen as drivers of social change in their communities. This event gave an insight on sustainable growth and overcoming obstacles from women who are at the top levels of legacy businesses.

The theme of this virtual event was ‘Paying It Forward’ with the goal to harness the power of network members and Dell women employees to positively impact women’s entrepreneurship around the world. Along with Padmaja Kumari, keynote speakers included female CEOs, founders and thought leaders:

  • Cheryl Mills, former counselor and chief of staff to Hillary Clinton at the US State Department
  • Elizabeth Gore, resident entrepreneur, UN Foundation;
  • Melek Pulatkonak, founder & curator, Turkish Women's International Network(WIN);
  • Ayşegül İldeniz, EMEA board member of Inteland head of the Technology and Innovation group at TUSIAD;
  • Julie Meyer, founder & CEO, Ariadne Capital;
  • Moira Forbes, publisher of Forbes Woman;
  • Sarah Curran, founder, my-wardrobe.com;
  • Simone Ross, COO and co-founder, Techonomy;
  • Steve Felice, president and chief commercial officer, Dell;
  • Karen Quintos, vice president and chief marketing officer, Dell;
  • Ingrid Vanderveldt, entrepreneur-in-residence, Dell

Looking at a global audience, post-event activities included inviting these powerful women to join the Women Powering Business group on LinkedIn and on Twitter, which is already witnessing an overwhelming response.

Leading by example, Padmaja Kumari Parmar has been actively involved with entrepreneurial activities and implementing new business alliances for HRH Group of Hotels since 2006. DWEN 2013 has only added to the myriad of blueprints that this royal young lady bears in her mind.

Click here to read what Business magazine, The Next Women, interacted with Padmaja Kumari Parmar on running a family business.

Heritage venues add a refreshing flavour to corporate events

Today, there is a huge influx of corporates looking for innovative venues for their events for the simple reason of encouraging maximum turnout. Their competition is also constantly watching them for which they want to stay atop the innovation chart.

Rajasthan is the most diverse in terms of cultural heritage and sought after in hospitality, which makes it a magnetic destination choice for events and tourism. HRH Group of Hotels is the largest iconic ‘Living Heritage’ destination of Rajasthan, rich in art and culture that offers a unique visitor experience. This has made HRH the best choice for any corporate event for decades with many more to come.

Another feather in the cap!

A recent event organized by National Highway Authority of India at The Sabhagaar Conference Hall, The Durbar Hall, a part of our magnificent Fateh Prakash Palace Convention Centre was a huge success. Held between 20th and 21st May, the 2nd Meeting of Expert Group to Negotiate Saarc Motor Vehicles Agreement Conference, concluded with much applause for the venue.

Mr. Joudat Ayaz, Joint Secretary, Minister of Communication, Govt. of Pakistan, commented, "It has been a sheer treat to come to Udaipur in Rajasthan to attend the 2nd Meeting of SAARC expert group on motor vehicle and transportation. It is my first visit to India and my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed staying in this historic fort. We are going back with fond memories and hope to be here again someday."

Mr. Sayed Jaweb Habibi, Kabul, Afghanistan, said, "I have many things to say but there’s lack of time. A lovely state, nice hall and lovely hotel lakes. I have travelled to many countries but never seen such people. In the end, I just want to say, you were successful in all your duties."

Mr. Alkesh Sharma, New Delhi, India also keenly left his feedback saying, “It was indeed a pleasure to be at Fateh Prakash Palace, a heritage property that’s excellent in India. Not only was the hospitality seen at its Pinnacle here but also Rajasthan as a whole. The arrangements for the SAARC export group meeting were done with great detailing and precision. I would like to appreciate the managerial supervisor and Shri V.S.Bhati General Manager along with Ms.Mandvi Gupta in making this conference a great success excellent performance in Hospitality. Keep it up.”

Be the king. Make your event larger than life.

With its majestic historic buildings in the background; the magnificent gardens to walk through; the host of museums and galleries with never-seen-before displays of art and culture and the amicable staff always striving to make your visit memorable, HRH Group of Hotels offers you a chance to host an event you will always be envied for. And of course cherished by your counter-parts at the same time!

To book a venue for your upcoming event call us now on 1800 180 2933, 1800 180 2944, +91 294 2528008 or simply write to us on crs@hrhhotels.com.

HRH Group of Hotels receives Annual prestigious ‘CIO-Asia-100’ award!

18. March 2013 16:14 by Vinita Sharma in HRH Group of Hotels

The I.T. projects of HRH Group of Hotels have been listed in top 100 Asian companies’ I.T. project index of 2013 and declared as ‘CIO 100 HONOUREE 2013’. It marked the presence in CIO-Asia's annual index of Asia's top performing enterprise users of IT. The index is maintained by ‘CIO-Asia’ magazine annually and published by ‘Fairfax Business Media, Singapore’.

This index highlights top 100 enterprises and organizations of Asia that have excelled through creative and innovative IT projects in the past year. Companies are listed as CIO 100 only if they have added extraordinary value to the stakeholders and customers through IT systems and innovative projects. This is the highest honour presented to any enterprise for IT implementation in the Asian region & panel of jury includes senior leaders of the industry and the University Professors of Information Technology from various Asian countries.

This year ‘Roll of Honors' of CIO-Asia-100 index recognized representatives from more than 12 Asian countries. Few of them are from India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE, Macau etc...

Mr. T.C. Seow Editor of CIO Asia magazine, Fairfax Business Media presented this prestigious award to Mr. Vijay Choudhary, Head IT, HRH Group of Hotels in a grand ceremony at the Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore on March 13, 2013. In Mr. Seow words, the entries to this year's CIO 100 list has set an extremely high standard in terms of breadth and depth of implementation. Focus on enhanced customer experience acts as a guiding principle behind IT initiatives.

Mr. Choudhary had accepted the award in Singapore while acknowledging team work of IT department at HRH Group of Hotels.

It's another landmark in the journey of technological achievements for HRH Group of Hotels, EternalMewar, Udaipur.

Asia Pacific APAC CXO forum, Bangkok, Thailand recognizes HRH Hotels

5. November 2012 18:01 by Vinita Sharma in Events & Shows | HRH Group of Hotels

Extraordinary IT innovations at the HRH Group of Hotels recognized by APAC CXO Forum at Bangkok, Thailand

HRH Group of Hotels participated in a prestigious Asia Pacific level “Business – Technology - Leadership Event” - The CIO Leadership Retreat and CISO Forum 2012 at Bangkok, Thailand, from Oct 25th – 27th, 2012. The event was organized by the ‘APAC CXO forum’, an international forum, which invited the top 100 IT leaders and eminent I.T. service providers in the Asia Pacific region. The theme of the conference was “Innovate, Secure & Transform”.

The event had Workshops ‘by CIOs - for CIOs’, lessons on Leadership, Technology Sessions by eminent speakers from India as well as Thailand. It was followed by a grand ceremony of the prestigious Awards for CIOs, CISOs and Data Center Experts, hosted at the ‘Menam Seminar and Convention Center, Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside, Bangkok’.

Mr. Vijay Choudhary, Head IT, HRH Group of Hotels was honored with the award ‘CIO-Leader’, presented by Mr. Ajay K. Dhir, Chairman and Founder of the APAC CXO Forum. The award recognizes a trusted guide, influential mentor and a strategic executive. It recognizes someone who is instrumental in the successful turnaround of his company & is an exceptional leader who has played an important role in his specific sector development on various levels, implemented innovative strategies in order to improve performance, and contributed to the growth of the community, environment & region as well.

To maintain transparency, proper governance and a structured process of selection, the awards were judged by an independent panel of prominent society and industry leaders.

It’s another landmark in the journey of technological achievements for HRH Group of Hotels, EternalMewar, Udaipur.

The Royal Udaipur Rolls-Royce GLK 21 Classic Drive from Derby to Udaipur to Pebble Beach and... Continues

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